• Impossible Stairs

    Impossible Stairs is a medium-sized puzzlefest crafted by Mathbrush. This game is an authorized sequel to Impossible Bottle, a story that tied for first place in the 2020 IF Comp. In this game, a series of puzzles bring your family together for a meal by the end of it. It’s a light-hearted adventure and not […]

  • You Won’t Get Her Back

    You Won’t Get Her Back is a text game by Andrew Schultz. Or maybe a text puzzle. He has written a lot of games over the years and even gamified IF with Big Nose on the Big Pyramid. Here he’s implemented a version of chess, the full board, not like his previous game, Fourbyfourian Quarryin’, […]

  • Alchemist’s Gold

    Alchemist Gold is a text adventure written by Garry Francis. It was written in PunyInform and is only 82kb. That’s tiny. Really tiny. My first game was 512kb by the time it was done. I wasn’t using a stripped-down version of the library, but you can only put in so much with a game this […]