The Bright Blue Ball

The Bright Blue Ball by Clary C might be the last game I review for Spring Thing 2022. It’s getting towards the end of the competition, and I know who I’m voting for. But I wanted to give a few more games a fair shake.

In this one, you play as a dog, looking for his bright blue ball. The game is short, intended for children, and easy to play. But it also has a lot of generic responses to things I tried out. Nothing major, but in a game this small, you’d expect to see it polished from one end to the other.

The things I found lacking were simple, like pushing or pulling objects in the game. I got mostly generic responses from this. And it also seemed a little strange that my family started calling after me right after I left, and they were all asleep. Unless I missed it, no one woke up and noticed I had left. The game just started echoing out that my family was looking for me. I also think that some verbs could’ve been added like BITE and then implement some cute responses. But the game doesn’t need to go that far.

Overall these are minor points, and this is a cute game. I think it hits the target audience for kids spot on. It’s easy enough for them to play, and they’d overlook all the smaller things an experienced player might try. It is a little light on the implementation for my tastes. I’d give it a 7.

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